Our technological mastery, a guarantee of quality

At CDI we believe that it is necessary to use good tools to design good products. We have chosen to use both modern and reliable technologies around which we have built our expertise.
elasticsearch .NETCore Vue.js

Modern and reliable technologies

We build most of our applications using the open source ASP .NET Core framework from Microsoft, which guarantees development speed, reliability and maintainability thanks to the MVC model (Model View Controller). The advanced search functionalities that we implement benefit from the performance of ElasticSearch, the reference technology. As for the frontend part of our products, it increasingly relies on Vue.js, one of the most popular technology for creating dynamic web applications that are attractive to users.

Automation and quality

The implementation of our Scrum agile development process is only possible through the use of continuous development and integration tools (CI/CD). Tools such as Azure DevOps or Git allow us to automate the integration of code into our projects as well as the deployment of new versions of the product into testing or production environments. These tools contribute to guarantee the irreproachable quality of our developments and an excellent reactivity towards our customers.

Azure DevOps Git
Expertise CMS

CMS expertise

We rely on content management systems (CMS) to carry out an important part of our projects. Using a CMS makes it possible to benefit, with little or no development, from “standard” functions for a web application, such as the creation of a content page or user management. This allows us to create products faster and less expensive for our clients. We have developed an expertise around market leading CMS, such as WordPress for our showcase sites and Sitefinity for our e-commerce sites or those requiring specific developments.