Developed as a Eurostars project supported by EUREKA and the European Commission, e-SIS is a fully digitised cancer screening system based on the management of digital streams and image transfers. If systematic breast cancer screening has motivated this innovation, CDI has skillfully adapted this management system to other cancers such as colorectal or cervical cancer.

The image transfer depends on systematic breast cancer screening by mammography whose records’ follow up requires an infallible traceability: invitation of participants, 4 pictures taken for each exam, 2 to 3 readings by different doctors, sending and archiving of the data until the next exam.

Analyses catalogues

Today, presenting their analyses catalogue on the web is an essential marketing tool for the medical laboratories.
With over 10 years experience in this field, CDI provides its customers with the implementation of innovative solutions for independent laboratories, as well as for large international groups.

HL7 & DICOM transport

Essential for doctors, the HL7 protocol encourages medical data exchange and the reception of analyses results in the form of structured files. This system not only guarantees the transfer of the results that are sent to the practitioner, it also guarantees their validation. The data is directly integrated in the doctor's or hospital's management system, and therefore the patient files are regularly and automatically updated. In addition to the structured files, the doctor can also be provided with associated pdf files.

The secured transfer of DICOM files (e.g. radiology images) is essential for the implementation of fully digital solutions in the field of breast cancer screening.