Case studies

Inventory management of chemical products

Universities and private research institutes have mandated CDI to develop a system for the management of their chemical stocks and inherent materials. A client-server application, coupled with a web application, allow meeting the needs of both stock managers and store customers (researchers, students, etc.).

This application enables the management of internal inventory or external orders with, in this case, an online catalogue access. When handling dangerous products, the software also takes into account the security dimension. Starting from a particular development and thanks to an in-depth business analysis as well as its mastery of modern technology, CDI realised an efficient business solution that is applicable to different customers.

Offer management

On the request of an engineering company active in Europe, CDI designed an innovative offer management system that can be activated not only online, in connection with their back-office system, but also offline, when the salespersons have no Internet access.

Based on the latest technologies, this system allows a synchronisation of the information with the central system via Web Services, and an intelligent management of the on- and offline operating modes.

Newsletter management

CDI has developed a Newsletter system that is used by several of its customers.

This system offers:

  • a multilingual web editor for newsletters with the possibility of integrating content from external systems
  • a subscription-based distribution system
  • responsive visualisation of the newsletter (adapted to desktop and mobile platforms)
  • the possibility to integrate the newsletter in the customer's website
  • detailed statistics